Locum indemnity insurance for GPs

Indemnity Insurance is a legal requirement for all practising GPs to ensure that they are protected against any unforeseen circumstances.

With the soaring cost of indemnity coverage, both In and Out of Hours, it is shared knowledge that GPs are feeling stressed, concerned and angry at this prohibitive cost which is limiting their career options.

Primary Care People have created a solution to alleviate the burden of indemnity. We have researched and sourced our own Indemnity Insurance policy that is exclusive to Primary Care People candidates at no extra cost to the GP.

To find out more information about our Indemnity Insurance contact our dedicated consultants on 0203 137 2114.



We know a lot about the Primary Care sector and every day we are made aware of the many challenges and hurdles that GPs face in order to practice their essential and often life-saving skills.

It’s because we work with so many GPs at the ‘coalface’ that we realised we had to find a solution to the problem caused by the prohibitive cost of indemnity insurance cover, both for in hours and out of hours practice.

We’ve spent nearly two years talking to the insurance industry and based on our knowledge of the NHS and the healthcare sector we have been able to work with medical insurance specialists MIAB to create our own unique indemnity insurance policies. These give you  the same level of cover as you have with the other indemnity insurance policies available to you, mostly through MDOs.

The only difference is that you don’t have to pay for it. We are covering the cost of indemnity insurance cover so that we can free up our GP candidates to focus on their work and to encourage more GPs to take on extra out of hours care.

An additional benefit is our completely independent helplines that offer ethical and legal support. No matter how often you ring for advice on policy related matters, this won’t be reflected in the policy. You are covered not only from the date we begin your individual policy, it also includes ‘run off’ cover for claims which may unexpectedly appear from health care services provided by you in previous years.

To find out more please ring 0203 137 2114 and talk to one of our consultants or download our FAQs document.


If you would like to know more about our Indemnity Insurance then please contact us:

Tel: 0203 137 2114
Email: insurance@primarycarepeople.co.uk

Download our FAQ's

Would you like more information on the Primary Care People indemnity scheme? If so call us on 0203 1372114 or download or FAQs below:

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